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Properly insulated equipment

If you have an industrial plant or refinery that is in need of new insulation, don't wait and risk damage to your equipment or product. Professional installation is just a phone call away with Garcia's Industrial Insulation, LLC in Dumas, TX.


Contact Garcia's Industrial Insulation, LLC for a FREE estimate on your insulation. We have 65 years of combined experience in the industry.

Certified installation

No matter the size of the equipment you need to have insulated, or where it's located, Garcia's Industrial Insulation can handle it. With certification in scaffolding use, we take all precautions when insulating your refinery or manufacturing plant. Protect your livelihood with new insulation.

Insulation for all industrial equipment but not limited to:

  • Steam Line

  • Chill Water Line

  • Tanks

  • Vessels

Valuable history in Dumas, TX

Garcia's Industrial Insulation has been serving Dumas, TX and the surrounding 120 mile area with quality and professional industrial insulation for over 15 years. Our 8,000 square feet facility can store anything you need when you need it and can be used for any type of skidwork. Contact Garcia's Industrial Insulation for a FREE estimate on your project.

  • Removable Jackets

  • Scaffolding

  • Run Heat Trace

  • Steam Tracing

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